Who are we

What is Bromptolona?

Bromptolona is the fusion of two concepts: Brompton, our bike, and Barcelona, our city. We organize bicycle guided routes around Barcelona and its surroundings aimed at both locals and visitors.

Passion for Barcelona

Bromptolona is also the blend of two passions. The first one, the bicycle as a means of urban transport. It gives us great joy seeing how little by little our city is becoming more sustainable and fit for bike riding. Secondly, we are passionate about discovering new and unknown neighborhoods in Barcelona, as well as areas off the beaten path, or just simply curious about discovering the history behind a local shop or park we pass by every day.

Why Brompton?

We understand that this might be a frequent question. We do not endorse the brand and we don’t get any money from them, but since we discovered their bicycle we have turned into hardcore fans for different reasons. Its quality is remarkable and if it’s taken care of, it can last for many, many years. It’s not just a folding bike, it’s extremely easy to fold up and very compact, making it easy to carry it around (on public transport, inside a shop, ect.) and occupying very little space at home. And frankly speaking, it’s a cutie.

We are heavy eaters

Our routes feature traditional and authentic gastronomy.

We are family people

We love to adapt our routes to people of all ages.

We seek what’s authentic

We visit places off the beaten track and avoid touristy areas.

We are passionate about biking

If you join a guided route with your own bike, it doesn’t even have to be a Brompton!

We care about the environment

We are committed to sustainable mobility and consumption of local products.

We are slow movement advocates

We don’t care about speed or going the distance, it’s all about enjoying the experience.

We are in love with Barcelona

We are driven by the city, its surroundings, its history and its people.

We go out in small groups

That allows us to offer a customized and unique experience.

We are multilingual

We speak Catalan and Spanish. And if needed, we speak English, German or Italian.


Social psychologist who’s always championing gender awareness. She’s the manifestation of organizational skills. She loves to energize groups and she’s always searching for new bike routes.


A journalist and communications expert, he’s inquisitive and a bit of a chatterbox. Equally critical and passionate about Barcelona, he enjoys biking as much as indulging at a tapas bar.

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